Problem with .ribbon file

Mar 9, 2013 at 3:44 PM
Hello everybody,

I downloaded the RibbonLib package from the source code and compiled the RibbonGenerator and installed that. I intergrated the Ribbon project source code in my solution as I find that better to have a overview on all my projects. I made a reference to the project in the main project. Once I use the custom tool and compile my project, I get no errors. But when I want to run the project, I get the following error at file Ribbon.cs: Parent of Ribbon does not derive from Form class.

When I go the the project directory I find the following files:
And when I move the RibbonMarkup.ribbon file from that to the debug folder, the application runs fine. Now I would like to know how to intergrate this ribbon file inside the application so it is not visable.

Thank you.